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Influance Hair Care – Creative Wall Mural Designs

We have crafted each and every demo with extensive care and precision and the theme is power packed yet easy to use.

Creative Print Design For Trade Shows

Wall Mural Design

A look at the work we've done for an appearance at the Bronner Brothers Trade Show
Wall Graphics

These are the four graphics we designed for Influance Hair Care. These were on display at the Bronner Brothers Trade Show, one on each side of the slot purchased by the company.

You can see an actual shot of one of the graphic displays below.

Design is Everything

Not only did we shoot the models in each of these designs, we shot the products as well. By having control and access to the images we produce for the company we can maximize the marketing and advertising by utilizing it in multiple forms. For instance, some of these same designs were resized and reformatted for internet marketing. We also used these same designs to promote the products on the companies website, producing an awesome look for the brand, and creating overall consistency.